Podcast: Real Food For Real Life

The latest episode of Real Food For Real Life is out! This time we talk with 2016 Olympics finalist, confirmed foodie and Nike athlete Colleen Quiqley. Colleen talks about what life is like in Portland with the Bowerman Track Club both during and outside of practice time. She talks about her experience in Rio as well as goals for the future. Check out the podcast for a chance to win some of Colleen's homemade granola!

ESPN What athletes eat: Runner Colleen Quigley's Quinoa Power Bowl

Quigley shares the "power bowl" she started making in college and has been eating (and tweaking) ever since... I usually find myself coming home from practice to stare at a bunch of random ingredients in my fridge -- with little creativity as to how to put those ingredients together into a recipe at 6 p.m. when I'm hungry and ready to eat ASAP. There is no time to run to the grocery store before cooking when you're already hungry.

Facebook LIVE with Evan Jager

Evan Jager and I go LIVE on Facebook with our sponsor, HotShot, to talk about the steeplechase, training with the BTC, core exercises, and our nutrition regimen. Our fans log on to ask us their questions and we do our best to answer! Nothing is off limits, except questions about Evan's hair routine or Colleen's modeling career (our least favorite and most popular questions)! 

Jerry Schumacher Voted Flotrack American Distance Coach of the Year

Quigley joined the club in the summer of 2015 and has suffered from injury, but she credits Schumacher with giving her the confidence she needed to make her comeback and ultimately earn a spot on her first Olympic team. "When Jerry tells you that he thinks you can make the team, you know that you have a serious shot at making the team," Quigley said. "I took a lot of confidence from that and a lot of hope in the fact that he had confidence in me. It's just great to have him on my side."

St. Louis Terrain Magazine: Interview with Olympian Colleen Quigley

Little sister. Coach’s daughter. Model. State champion. NCAA champion. Colleen Quigley has outrun her previous identities to become an Olympian. The Nerinx Hall grad finished eighth in the women’s steeplechase in Rio, helping to re-establish respect for U.S. distance running. You grew up in a running family. How much did that contribute to your success? Why the steeplechase, and what was the biggest challenge in the transition?

Former FSU running star Quigley chops down XC field in pro return

Colleen Quigley pre-planned her celebratory stretch run to the finish line. But everything else preceding and during Saturday’s USA Track & Field National Club Cross Country Championships at Apalachee Regional Park was a crapshoot. "It's funny how racing works sometimes when you're not in shape.  You just have to tough it out for a while, and sometimes it gets better and sometimes it doesn't. You just hope for the best."

NewsRadio 1120 KMOX Profile with Charlie Brennan

Charlie Brennan, the voice of St. Louis profiles St. Louis native and Nerinx Hall alumnae Colleen Quigley. They speak about her 10 week buildup to the Olympic Trials, her race at the Trials and the Olympics, her love for naps and altitude training, her dietary habits, and her inspiring teammates on the Bowerman Track Club.

KMOX High School Spotlight: Colleen Quigley

When Colleen Quigley first returned home to train with runners at her alma mater, Nerinx Hall High School, the girls were at first too timid to speak to the representative of Team USA who went to Brazil this past summer. 

“It wasn’t long ago that I was in their shoes and never dreaming that this would be me now,” Quigley says.

Excelle Sports: How Colleen Quigley Became an Accidental Steeplechaser

At its most basic, the steeplechase is an obstacle course. But with 28 barriers and seven water jumps, it’s more than that: it’s an extremely physically and mentally challenging race. It also demands a fearless attitude. “I think that’s just kind of my personality, to go head first and just dive right in,” Quigley said. But for someone who it seems was born to run the steeplechase, she says, “It became a passion of mine by accident.”

Flotrack Interview: From Injury to Olympic Team in 10 Weeks

Quigley came a long way to make it across that finish line. Over the past 10 weeks, she and Infeld cross-trained and encouraged each other through the tough, doubt-ridden moments. 
"Everyday, we were trying to tell each other what we were trying to tell ourselves [laughs], like inspirational quotes, all the corny stuff, we were throwing it all at each other," Quigley said. 
"It was a rollercoaster, but at least I had someone on the rollercoaster with me."

Tallahassee Democrat: Quigley Goes from Bleak Outlook to Bright Future

“It’s amazing,” she said. “I just love saying those words, ‘I’m an Olympian.’ It’s absolutely a dream. I said it after the prelims, my ideal team would be my new teammate, Courtney, and Emma. If it could be us, then that would be the dream. That would be amazing. It could not be more perfect.”

Runner's World: Top Steeplechaser Gave Up Modeling for Running

As an eighth-grader, Quigley attended a local casting call for a Macy’s prom dress fashion show after her dance teacher urged her to try out. Despite auditioning in flip-flops, a T-shirt, and not a trace of makeup—“I was vastly out of my league,” she said—Quigley was one of 12 girls chosen from the group of more than 100. Then, with the help of an agent from the casting call, Quigley signed with the modeling agencies Wilhelmina and Storm. 

Runner's World: For Colleen Quigley, a Rise Fueled by Sibling Rivalry

Dan, 27, and Colleen, 23, grew up in St. Louis, and they have a younger sister, Erin, who is 20. The persistent middle child, Colleen forever felt compelled to measure up.

“I think we’re both innately very competitive people,” she said. “He’s a boy, so it was hard, but I definitely gave it my best shot all the time.” 

Webster-Kirkwood Times: Nerinx Track Star on Her Way to 2016 Olympics


The rangy 5-foot, 9-inch Quigley, typically a tough minded, upbeat individual with a world-class smile, showed signs of self doubt. But she found a way to get back on the track and fulfill her lifelong dream with positive support from her family, coaches and teammates.

Team HotShot: Keep an Eye on Steepler Colleen Quigley

At first, Quigley considered the idea of building a career as a runner “ridiculous,” doubting that she could do it. It was her coach, Karen Harvey, who helped Colleen realize her true potential on the track team during her freshman year at FSU. She took the leap, and ended up committing herself to the sport that made her a National Champion in 2015 — just as Harvey had predicted. Learn more about Colleen’s self discipline and ambition as a professional athlete...

USTFCCCA: Q&A with Colleen Quigley

Q: Ok, now to the important questions. Has training with Pippa Woolven, Hannah Walker, and Linden Hall given you an accent?

A: I really wish.  I try to do it and they tell me that my accents are “rubbish”, that I don’t sound British or Australian at all.  I constantly try and all it does is make them laugh at me and remind me that I am 100% American.


Shelby Houlihan and Colleen Quigley after running the top 2 times in the world

Shelby Houlihan and Colleen Quigley after running the top 2 times in the world

Interview after 2016 Olympic Trials Steeplechase prelim

WCH 2015 Beijing - Colleen Quigley USA 3000m Steeplechase Heat 2
WCH 2015 Beijing - Colleen Quigley USA 3000m Steeplechase Final 12th

2015 USA Championships prelim

Colleen Quigley discusses her experience as a cross country and indoor and outdoor athlete at Florida State University.