Can you do as many push-ups as an Olympian?

I spoke to a Girl Scout troop in St. Louis a few weeks ago and they asked me how many push-ups I could do. I didn't know... so of course we had a push-up contest right then and there! You wouldn't believe how strong these girls were! 

So now I want to challenge all my followers to a push-up contest too! Here's how it works:
Have a friend take a video of you doing at least 20 push-ups, post it on Instagram and TAG ME (@steeple_squigs) in order to be entered. The deadline for entries is Sunday, Dec 18th, 2016. I will randomly pick one winner who I will send some sweet NIKE SWAG! 
Now get out there and get pushuping! Don't forget to tag me so I can see your entry!


The (first) pushup contest is over! My two winners, Molly (@mollymccann1) and Caroline (@_sweet.caro_) did partner pushups in Tallahassee and stole my heart- I loved the teamwork you both did to help each other complete the challenge! Overall, the contest was a huge success. Thank you so much to everyone who participated! We collectively did over 1650 push-ups! You guys are awesome!!! If you have any suggestions for another contest, let me know