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Here are past newsletter articles I've written about my training, my thoughts about nutrition, journaling, travel, and other things I ❤️. Enjoy!

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Nutrition Myths Debunked

There is so much mystery surrounding nutrition, especially for athletes. Fueling right is such an important part of my success, so I'm teaming up with a nutritionist friend, Wifredo Benitez, to clear up some common misconceptions surrounding nutrition for athletes. Will has written advice for my newsletter before, so make sure you check out his other tips.

FINding Headspace

Some of you have noticed via the habit tracker section of my bullet journal that I miss stretching some days and don't always remember to do my rehab exercises, but somehow I find time to sit down for ten minutes of meditation every. Single. Day.

Meditation is a practice I started last summer and it has turned into a “secret weapon." I have been wanting to share my secret with my followers ever since.

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Ask the Nutritionist, Wilfredo Benitez 

For this edition I had the help of my friend and nutritionist, Will, who helped me tackle some of the nutrition questions you guys submitted via Instagram. We cover topics like "what to eat before a race or hard workout?" and "how do you lean down in the end of the season and achieve race weight?" We answer these questions and more! Big thanks to Will for sharing some of his expertise with us!


its time to race! tips on race day mentality

A lot of my FAQs are about racing: how to handle nerves, how to approach a big race, and how to reach your potential in races. Since we are officially into outdoor track season, it seems like an appropriate time to write down some of my thoughts about RACE DAY. So here it is! Teaser... my key words for a steeplechase are: relax, focus, FAST (and #frenchbraidfriday of course)!

Runner Turned Mermaid

I had never swum a single lap in the pool before 2015. I wasn't on the swim team in high school. I really didn’t feel comfortable going anywhere near a lap pool. It intimidated me because everyone who swims laps seems so serious and so professional. I would go to the pool to aqua jog when I was injured and just try my best to stay out of the way of the real swimmers... Okay, I love swimming. But hopefully now you understand why and maybe are even inspired to try it yourself even if you’ve been hesitant to in the past. 

My nutrition guidelines

I get asked all the time about what I eat, what I don't eat, and why. Nutrition is a HUGE factor for athletes. If you think you can put in all the work on the track and eat whatever you want, you'll never know what your true capabilities are athletically because you're not getting the most out of yourself and your training. That being said, I know I'm not perfect with my own nutrition, and I'm honestly not trying to be perfect 100% of the time. Putting that kind of pressure on yourself leads to burnout and binging by the end of the season. 


For me, there is something calming about putting (colored) pen to paper and writing or drawing about whatever is going on in my life. I have two journals. One is to track my training and the other is to keep track of my schedule, daily habits, to do lists, goals, etc. Both are an integral part of my day and help me keep my life more organized. For training, I use a Believe I Am training journal and for my personal life I use a Bullet Journal. I'll tell you about both of my journals and how I use them as tools for training.

Mermaid Turned Runner Again

Unfortunately, injury is something pretty much any athlete has to go through at some point in their career. Some of us go through it again and again! For me, it has become very apparent that while many people get injured in the same ways, athletes deal with those injuries very differently and that is really what dictates how they recover and return to their sport. Below you will find some lessons I learned from my most recent injury and then some tips on how to come back to running after taking time off. Enjoy!

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Summer 2017 in Photos

May-June: I spent in Park City, Utah with my teammates preparing for USA Championships in Sacramento, CA.

June-August: We headed straight from Sacramento to St. Moritz, Switzerland for more altitude training before World Championships.

July 22nd: Night of Athletics in Heusden, Belgium where I ran the 1500 and nabbed a big PR!

Travel map

I can't believe how much blue there is on this map of the globe. At the same time, there are so many places I still want to go! The thing about traveling is that once you start you just want to do more and more! I traveled abroad for the first time in high school when I was doing modeling. While at first it was scary to be in foreign countries where I didn't know anyone (except my Mom) and often didn't speak the language, I eventually was able to relax and get comfortable with the unknown. Now I can't get enough!