It's all about the glutes- your powerhouse!


This will take you less than 3 minutes for each side and is the perfect glute strengthening/activating exercise. The number one thing that causes me (and most runners) issues and injury is weak glute muscles. This one is not about speed, so slow and steady wins the race. Here's what you do:

  1. Forward bicycle pedals, keeping your knee and foot and hip on the same plane, using your abs to stabilize (x10)

  2. Backward bicycle pedals (x10)

  3. Leg lifts landing in the front and back of your supporting leg (x10 front and back)

  4. Hips and knees at 90 degrees, clam shells (x10)

  5. Same position, reverse clam shells (x10)

  6. Hips straight, knees at 90 degrees (feet behind you this time), clam shells (x10)

  7. Same position, reverse clam shells (x10)

  8. Adductor: top knee bent, bottom of shoe on the ground in front, bottom leg straight and lifting straight up (x10)