Who loves PIZZA?? 🍕🙋🏼 

Me too! My favorite is when I can have foods that I love and enjoy them guilt-free, knowing I'm still getting all the nutrients my body is craving. Zucchini-crusted pizza topped with more veggies and some chicken is my favorite dinner! I have it at least once a week (preferably on Monday night aka Bachelor night). 

I've tried zucchini crust as well as cauliflower crust. I love and recommend both, but find the zucchini crust is a little less work. There are plenty of great recipes out there, and I've tried a few. Listen up! Here's a couple tricks to make sure yours turns out as delicious as possible:

pizza stone.jpg
pizza pan.jpg

1. Make sure you squeeze out as much moisture from the shredded zucchini as possible. This will prevent your pie crust from being too soggy. You can use a cheese cloth if you have one, but a thin tea towel or paper towels work just as well. The recipe below suggests adding some salt before squeezing out water as this will also drive moisture out of the zucchini. 

2. If you can, use a pizza stone or pizza pan with holes in it (see photos 👉🏼). These will give you a crustier crust, which can be a little more difficult to do with the zucchini. If you use a pizza stone, heat it up in the oven before cooking the dough.

3. Always cook the dough at a high heat before topping it.


Here is the recipe I use from myhumblekitchen.com: