About the Newsletter

In January of 2017 I started what I call the Steeple Squigs Update. It's most definitely not a blog, but I use it to reach out to my subscribers about what's going on in my  life. There's no set schedule, I will just send them out as I have time and when there are things I want to write about. My main interests are food and running (obviously), so most of the updates will probably relate to those topics. But I'm always open to suggestions and would love to know what you all want to know more about. Hit up my inbox if you have ideas. To sign up, head over here.


First Update

I decided to focus my first update on what you asked for most: workout videos. I got in the gym and recorded myself doing some of my favorite exercises that are part of my weekly routine. I hope you all enjoy following along and use them to inspire you to get and stay strong! 💪🏼 I paired each routine with a video so that you know exactly what I mean🤔  when I say "pikes" or "blade pinches."

Eating Well is a form of self-respect

This edition of the Steeple Squigs Update is all about, you guessed it, FOOD! My all-time favorite topic. I love to learn about it, love to make it, and love to sit down with friends and savor it. I'd like to share with you all my philosophy about food and nutrition as well as some of my favorite tried-and-true recipes!
Bon appétit! 



I spend at least 5 months out of the year on the road, both at training camps and competitions. It's a nomadic lifestyle, but I love it! 💛 That being said, it's not always easy being away from home so much. This update is filled with pro tips for traveling, including what I bring in my carry-on 👜 as well as how I entertain myself on a long haul (think music🎧, podcasts👂🏼, and books📘)

travel edition: part 2

"Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow." -Anita Desai

A lot has happened since my last update. If you've been following along on social media you know that my summer has not exactly gone as planned... Here you can read about everything that went down in London, from my dad's brother's adventures, (#QuigleyboystakeLondon was trending on Instagram for a hot second) to the details of how I got disqualified from the World Championships steeple final and had to watch my USA teammates go 1-2 from the cheering section.

Colleen's Day of Food: Breakfast

I love cooking and I know a lot of you do too. Whatever your fitness or nutrition goals are, the best way to know exactly what you are putting into your body is to buy whole, fresh ingredients and create the dishes yourself. The less pre-prepared and processed foods you consume the better! This update is all about what I eat for my first meal of the day.


Colleen's day of food: lunch

I like to have my lunch ingredients already cooked and ready for assembly. This means roasting, grilling, or boiling my veggies, meat, and grains ahead of time so that all I have to do is put the dish together when I get haaaangry. Anyone else wanting quick lunches that are easy and nutritional? That's what I thought.
This update has some of the fall lunch recipes that I'm enjoying right now. Try them out and let me know what you think! 😋

Colleen's Day of FOOD: Dinner

As athletes, we ask a LOT of our bodies. What do we give these hard-working muscles, joints, bones, and lungs in return? I say: let it be nutrient-rich, nourishing, and delicious food that is fun to prepare and even more fun to devour! 

Dinner goals: get those nutrient levels back to happy status so that I can go out the next day and crush all over again. Best way to wake up in beast mode? Eat a good dinner!

For the Love of Journals

For me, there is something calming about putting (colored) pen to paper and writing or drawing about whatever is going on in my life. I have two journals. One is to track my training and the other is to keep track of my schedule, daily habits, to do lists, goals, etc. Both are an integral part of my day and help me keep my life more organized. So in this Steeple Squigs Update I want to give you a peek into the inter-workings of both my journals. Enjoy!

The comeback queen

The story of a runner turned mermaid turned runner again! So I got injured this fall... again. It's part of the sport (not my favorite part), but it's not the end of the story. Difficult times in training are guaranteed. It's how you choose to handle them that really counts. I want to share with you what I do during an injury in order to make the journey back to land as easy as possible.
(Spoiler alert: it involves a lot of 💦)

Beginner Swim Workouts

I have been getting so many requests from injured runners who are in the pool trying to get fit and want to know some good swim workouts for beginners. Swimming laps can get boring, so building in some harder days is a great way to mix it up! For this task, I brought in a real professional: Olympic Gold Medalist in the triathlon, Gwen Jorgensen. Gwen crafted the workouts in this newsletter and there are 3 levels depending on your experience.

Mammoth swimming 8.jpg